For some, hope can be found in a pair of shoes.

Save Children from Hookworm Infection

Soles for Children™ was a federally recognized non profit organization that was established in California in 2009*. Our purpose is to provide footwear, supportive services, and education to poor children living in areas of the developing world that are prone to hookworm infection. Hookworm infection steals what little nutrition these children get, and saps the energy they need to grow and learn.

To fight hookworm, programs must be developed to improve poor sanitation, lack of clean water, inadequate nutrition, and provide health and nutritional education and footwear. Soles for Children™ will tackle this problem by partnering with like-minded indigenous organizations and apply a three-pronged approach of prevention (free footwear), treatment (medicines to treat any existing infection), and education (so the entire community understands the importance of nutrition, hygiene and wearing footwear).

We also partner with indigenous shoe manufacturers who use recycled materials, such as tire rubber, plastic water bottles and bags, to create or support sustainable local microenterprises devoted to developing socially responsible footwear. We will also accept and purchase shoes from reputable manufacturers and retailers in host countries ‘at cost’ or at a significant discount. Our goals is to sell footwear made by these indigenous organizations for the Western Market so that 100% of net proceeds can go back to Soles for Children™ to support our programs. All proceeds from the sales of our products will be used to provide medicines, health education, footwear, medical and other services to these children and their guardians.

Our goal is to protect and treat these children from infection so they may grow up and thrive to live extraordinary lives so they may be a force of change in their own communities.

*501c3 status dissolved January 2015